Diplomatic Counsel is a new multi-dimensional consulting practice established by Tim Martin in January 2014.

Especially in the natural resource sector, experienced international advice is required to add value and to manage risks. The essence of diplomacy is advancing interests through dialogue, establishing relations of trust with stakeholders and correctly analyzing strategic trends in the political and regulatory environment.

Diplomatic Counsel Consulting can assist with a systematic approach plus specific deliverables to support board and executive decision making as well as the success of international initiatives. All services are provided with the utmost confidentiality and respect for the information requirements of securities regulators. Examples of services provided are:

Corporate sector:

  • Strategies and plans for external relations.
  • Strategic plans for advocacy, public communication and representation.
  • Strategic plans for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Planning for and responding to issues of peace, security, human rights and conflict in an operating environment.
  • Advice to senior executives on political and regulatory issues.
  • Assistance to delegations at international events.
  • Training and coaching to executives in international affairs.

Public Sector

  • Orientation to civ/mil cooperation issues for senior military and civilian leaders.
  • Coaching in diplomatic practice for military officers.
  • Civilian expertise for planning and execution of multi-dimensional military exercises.
  • Inter-governmental strategies and plans for deployed senior leaders.
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation of peace, security and development programs.

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